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Numero-astro-and what not.

When I started working on the perplexities of structural behavior of letters, I thought that I m the only person in India who wants to change the spelling of his name. But to my surprise, Suniel Shetty, Veveik Oberoi, Reteish, Retiesh, and many others have already done it. Suniel was Sunil, Veveik was Vivek.

I am not sure of the purpose of such a monumental change.

Somebody told me, people often change the spelling their name to get lucky. You change your name to get some benefit out of numerology, or it’s just a self-realization after reading a lot many books, meeting lot many people who do not support the spelling, or something else. Or may be the media has done it all by itself, because media had been so liberal to possibly do anything, almost everything.

It’s good to see at last that we are not that rigid.


But how good? Akshaye, Suniel, Naseeruddin, Seif is Seif, and what not.

Self-awakening, realization of the fact that the spelling does not suggest who you are. Or may be numerology, or astrology, or may be something else.

If these all are individual innovative attempts, we can still accept. But not, if the media is trying to advertise that they no longer validate the dispersal of inadvertent follies, and is on the creative spelling spree. As is not going to help us much. You first corrupt something, and later on try to correct it in your personal smoke filled kitchens. Another bad food from amateur chefs who had been dishing out bad food; and the new menu is also not that much promising.

It’s actually good to see that we finally are confused.

I am not sure of the origin of this confusion; may be they are fascinated by mystic numerals.

Numerals are magical.

We all want to maximize the possibility of our dreams coming true.

Numerology suggests that if things are not working the way they should, it’s time to do a spell check.

It’s an art. With numerology, you can manipulate the destiny.

Almost everybody wants their children to do good in life. I won’t be surprised if today I get to know of some healthy mothers expected to give a normal birth (scissor less), crying out loud before time, not because of labors, and not because of any health related (body) reasons, but of a unhealthy credo.

“Doctor, I want it right now, today, not any other day! Otherwise it won’t be of use”. Doctor: “but it’s not time yet”. Mother: “I don’t need a scum bag”, “I need a scientist”, “If not today, I don’t need it at all”.

Synchronized birth, right time, right date, right year, and may be the right name: one, two, three, et, al.

Now I think that I should study numerology as well. It seems promising, you don’t have to do much, just change the spelling of your name. The formula is very simple, your name and your date of birth are reduced to a digit separately. I seriously do not know how can we get lucky with digits, but every digit (the final digit) corresponds a particular trait, and you can alter it if you can manipulate the final sum.

I wish if I could resurrect, but am no Jesus, but its o.k.

They simply match the final sum of all the digits in your D.O.B with that of

your name.

And if works for you, you can plan for synchronized babies. Then you can also rule the world.

But I am in quandary as I also got a change to know that sounds also have some magical powers. I have read in Hindu mythology that warriors used to say something to their arrows, and a regular arrow would transform itself in to a sophisticated missile (something close to a nuke). In addition, the Naam Karan Sanskar (this is how they spell it), similar to christening ceremony, when you are given a name, a branch of astrology, which suggests that your name should start with a particular sound, considering all the astrological calculations.

To sum it up, a belief that sound energy can be transformed in to mechanical energy or some magical power to do wonders for you.

Which one is more powerful?

Shall I follow Numerology or Astrology, or my own creative self?

(This article does not mean to offend anybody)