I have kept my little Einstein alive, and he was very helpful throughout my hunt for solid reasons to believe something. I always wanted to know more than what I already knew or something that can satiate the Little Einstein. I’ve met a very few people in my life who were able to prove whatever they know is the end of knowledge. The fact of life is, no matter how much seasoned you are, there is always something left unexplored. I would graciously agree on face, but the little Einstein would never, he would always try to find alcoves to peep through, to see more than the tunnel view.

And it gives me immense pleasure to discover something new.

My memory had always been short, but now I have learned to script my thoughts.

It makes me wonder sometimes that these are the initial signs of a probable mental disorder. Sometimes I feel if it’s the right way to live life, you are never satisfied, no good reason is good enough for you.

But somehow, I find some reasons to believe that I still have time.

Change is the driving force of my life, and I believe in changing the change from being somewhat a static change. (trying to learn the dynamics of change).

Things do not entertain me for long, and I also believe that it’s not fare to expect change from others.

So I try to do it all by myself. No change in change is an invitation to change the change a bit.

My favorite resort to end monotony, would be represent myself as a fool, act as if I do not know anything, and do something for the amusement of everybody.

I love to travel, love to cook, love being a purist, I love to do mistakes.

I was born a lefthander, but my mom made me the opposite, and now I m ambidextrous.

Learning to pull strings of guitar and after that I’ll check my guts on saxophone)

I hate sophisticated cell phones, because they would take too long to keep my interest in the page.

I hate the way my blog looks, but I was exceeding my deadlines. I’ll make it dynamic in a month’s time and add more features.

I love edifying books, but novels can’t hold me for long. Can’t read more than 12 pages in one fell swoop, 13th would be a torture.

And the only thing that could glue me to a book would be my memory. It’s amazing if you can’t remember exactly what was there in the previous chapter.

And I love to talk about myself, love to philosophize, but can’t listen to anybody for long with all my senses in place.

And I think your dreams can take you places; so dream, test if it’s worth dreaming. By the same token, test yourself, set dead lines, be bad to yourself, share it with others, and try hard to make it big to salve your conscience, to save yourself from possible guilt. See how badly I love what I really hate.

Pay me no mind, keep your own counsel.

I don’t idolize anybody, no influences for me, but I somehow believe that even if you try real hard to escape the influences, they will get you somehow, one or the other way. I try to avoid immediate influences.

Methinks, that’s enough.

If the idea makes sense to you, mail me and we’ll talk.



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